Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dining Room Turned Lounge

"I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet"
- Carrie Bradshaw

Although I do agree with Carrie 100%, I feel you need to see your money not only in your closet, but also in other areas of your home. I for one, have had this constant annoyance going on in the back of my head since we moved into our new house last June due to the lack of furniture & consistency. Unfinished products annoy me like nothing else. We were in limbo, trying to find the perfect pieces to complete our home & I'm happy to say, we are finally making progress. 

Being young adults fresh out of college, we have no need for dining room furniture; lets be real. So instead, we decided to make our dining room into a "lounge". There's nothing worse than wasting time & money on finding furniture for a room you know you'll never use. We've been planning our "lounge" feel for the last eight months & I wanted to share with you what we've done so far.

While I was living in Dallas for an internship about a year & a half ago, I found this great couch for an amazing price. It was originally an orange-yellow color that I liked, but soon tired of. But, the framing is gorgeous & is a great size. So, we found a neutral fabric & got it recovered along with these accent pillows. 

We also found this fun, chetah print fabric & recovered these two ottomans my parents no longer wanted, to add a little punch to the room. I'm a huge fan of gallery walls & simple accents. Our gallery wall consists of autographed photos from our favorite TV shows & musicians, such as the Friends cast & The Eagles. 

My next project for this room: re-paint the walls. I'm not a fan of the color or texture that the couple that lived here before us did- so, that will be changing soon. I'm thinking of a light tan or cream color. What do you think?

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