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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lovely Wednesdays: Holiday Traditions

{ Christmas Pickle }

On Christmas Eve, while everyone is occupied, my mom places the Christmas Pickle on our Christmas tree. The first to find it, get's a special gift to open on Christmas Eve. Although, I can't remember the last time I won (haha), it's a fun tradition I plan to continue into my own home one day.

{ Christmas Eve Movie Night }

Every year on Christmas Eve, my sisters, cousins & I all pile into one bed for the night, & watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We started this fun, yet sometimes uncomfortable tradition a long, long time ago.

{ White Elephant }

Christmas Eve is filled with laughter, games & of course, White Elephant (aka funny presents). We draw numbers & number one chooses the first gift. Number one is also the only person who has two turns. Each gift can be "stolen" up to three times. The gifts are always outrageous & hilarious. It has to be one of my favorite traditions.

 { Cookies & Milk for Santa }

Even though we have all grown up, we still leave cookies & milk for Santa. My parents even go to the lengths of actually drinking the milk & taking a few bites of the cookies.

{ New Pajamas }

Every year for Christmas, my sisters & I get new pajamas. We sit down, unwrap our pajamas & immediately put them on for a comfortable Christmas Eve.

{ Pet Stockings }

Ever since we've had a dog, my grandmother, Nana, has always made them a stocking. Since it's my first Christmas with Gracie, Nana made her stocking early so we can enjoy it hanging on our fireplace. Also, how cute are these doggy treats?! I found them at Bed, Bath & Beyond & couldn't pass them up.

{ Secret Santa }

Since there are 4 girls in my family, we started a tradition a few years back called Secret Santa. A few weeks before Christmas, we all get together & draw a name. Then we secretly buy a gift for that particular person. Although, it's supposed to remain secret till Christmas Day, rarely does that actually happen.

{ Snow Village}

Since we were little, we have added a new piece to our Snow Village collection every Christmas. It has now grown into a town, & has seemed to outgrow my parents house. So, now that my sister & I have our own house, we each got to choose a piece from our existing collection to start our own village.

{ Radko Ornaments}

One of my favorite traditions, is that we each have our own small, Christmas tree. Since we were little, we've collected our own ornaments for our tree; some handmade, some given to us by friends & family. Every year, we get to choose a new Radko ornament to add to it.

What are your favorite Holiday Traditions?
Merry Christmas, everyone & thanks for stopping by!

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