Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lovely Wednesdays

   I'm so excited to introduce my first editorial series:

Lovely Wednesdays:
Promoting Inner Beauty, Health & Well Being

While I love blogging about fashion, home décor and other various things, I think it's worthy to note that beauty is not only skin deep; regardless of the old saying. I want to use this series to promote inner beauty, health, well being and loving the life we have been given. Rather than putting out a stale, unattainable perception on my blog, I want to inspire women to first and foremost, love themselves, then move on to fitting their style to their persona. Hence, the many uses of the word LOVE.

Designer clothing, stick thin physiques and a perfect life is nonetheless, unreachable. It's just physically impossible to be perfect in every possible aspect. But we women need to be proud of what we have and grow into the person that IS possible.

You may be thinking, "Why Wedenesdays?" Well, I can tell you I chose this day for this series for a reason. I want to use "Hump Day" as the day to address the personal humps, bumps and insecurities in your life. Use it as a day to love and do good for yourself, realizing inner beauty reflects the outer.

So, every Wednesday will be "Lovely Wednesday", featuring a topic relating to anything good you can do for yourself or for others. Simply, anything that makes me happy will be showcased in this series. 

To kick off "Lovely Wednesdays", here is a compilation of my favorite things I've researched relating to inner beauty.

{Be your best self more often}

{Set goals for yourself}

{Focus on others}

{Get healthy}

{Take pride in who you are as an individual}

{Make time for yourself}

{Reconnect yourself spiritually}

Have a great rest of the week, everyone and thanks for following along!


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