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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lovely Wednesdays: How To Organize Your Closet

I love to organize. I will admit, I'm a neat freak & totally OCD when it comes to order. My bedroom is always spotless & neat, but my closet is sometimes put on the back burner.

Since moving into a new house, I've been thinking of ways to maximize my space by organizing everything by category & color. Keeping your closet neat & tidy makes everything more accessible & easy to find.

I came up with an idea that looks neat, clean & stylish, to store everything from purses to office supplies.

What you will need:

Card stock // Scissors // A Printer // Ribbon // Hole punch // Storage Container

I love how they look on my shelf in my closet; sleek & stylish. They are perfect for easy access & you always know exactly where everything is. You won't regret doing this simple yet rewarding project!

Thanks for following along!

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