Sunday, June 23, 2013

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

I think every girl can agree, that we all love jewelry. To me, the most beautiful pieces always seem to come with a story.

Over the last few years, I have received some beautiful family heirlooms that I love dearly. This first necklace was given to me by my great-aunt, Patsy, and it resembles a family tree. Her husband, Pat, gave it to her when they were first married. I love the mix of pearl, turquoise and topaz stones on each branch of the tree. These beautiful pins were my great grandmother's and were actually given to her by her aunt, Keener Bowden. Nano, was a very classy, old-fashioned type and was always dressed up; even if it was only to make her famous biscuits and gravy for us when we came to visit. She always sported her most beloved jewelry, including these pins. I haven't quite figured out how to wear these yet, but when I do I know that they will be statement pieces. The starfish-looking necklace was given to me by my grandmother, Mimi, and is a pin-turned necklace, that her mother wore often. The pearls embedded in the appendages, and the diamond in the center definitely make this a unique and stunning piece. I love that I am now the third generation wearing it.

If you don't have any family heirlooms, I urge you to sit down and talk to your family about it. There's a good chance they don't even know you would be interested in having them. They will be so proud when you wear them, and you will feel like your adding something special to your family's history.

What are your favorite, family heirlooms? 
Hope everyone has a great week!


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