Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beautifully Vintage

I love vintage. I have recently started shopping around for unique, antique pieces and have purchased everything from plates to jewelry. While searching online for the perfect Christmas presents for my family, I came across an antique dealer named David Friedman of David Friedman Antiques. I found this amazing, circa 1930 silver mirror vanity tray that I thought would be perfect to hold my perfume. It's not only something I was wanting, but also something that adds a little bit of character to my bedroom. It even has a little bit of "wear and tear" on the glass, which I love. Speaking of perfume; I also found an amazing, glass jewelry holder and perfume bottle set, circa 1920. I found these gems at a quaint store called Broomhilda's Vintage Shop in Cactus Alley in Lubbock, Texas. If you are ever in the area, this intimate, outdoor shopping center is full of shopping and dining and is perfect for a lazy, Saturday outing. This glass jewelry holder is another perfect addition to my collection and is something I use everyday. Every girl needs something to hold their everyday jewelry, and this piece just happens to be beautiful and functional. The perfume bottle is also an amazing find because it matches the jewelry holder and adds a beautiful touch to my collection. I am proud to say that these three pieces started my antique collection and have set the tone for everything else I have/will purchase. I love the fact that antiques have a story, and now I get to add my story to these beautiful pieces. Enjoy the photos!


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